• Learning to Find Love: Find Your Soulmate
    Singles Say Dating Sucks. They’d rather be alone and free than try to find love amongst the chaos. That’s why I mostly stopped dating. I knew what I wanted, but how to explain it to others? How to decide if I should date the stable guy that had a regular job, or the broke explorer Continue reading →
  • What is EFT Tapping?
    What is EFT Tapping? EFT Tapping Is Great For Stress Reduction Are you seeking effective stress relief methods? Mediation and Yoga have become popular. Pharmaceutical interventions seem like an easy solution, yet the associated side effects often prompt exploration of additional complimentary solutions. One such method gaining traction is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping, a Continue reading →
  • Did I Make The Right Decision to Break Up?
    Did I Make The Right Decision to Break Up? You want to feel valued in your relationship and, for now, this one is over. Did you make the right choice with the break up? Struggling with divorce on the horizon? Or is it time to pause the regret and envision your next harmonious relationship? Separation, Continue reading →

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