The Most Important Relationship In Life

Is The One You Have With Yourself

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Reality And…

Love Yourself

Relationships Thrive with Unified Minds

And You’ll Discover New Friendships

The Most Important Relationship In Life

Is The One You Have With Yourself

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Reality And…

Love Yourself

Relationships Thrive with Unified Minds

And You’ll Discover New Friendships

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have the power of our minds… Claim and consciously use your power.” ― Louise L. Hay

Dawn Bennett

Dawn Bennett is a holistic healer and practitioner who believes in the transformative power of love, playfulness, healing, connection, curiosity, and empathy. With a passion for helping others, she offers a unique blend of mind, body, and emotional clearing modalities to support clients on their journey towards greater wellness and happiness.

Dawn’s path towards healing began with a chance encounter which led her to study massage therapy. It was here that she first realized the connection between emotional pain and physical health, prompting her to explore other healing modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy and homeopathy.

Wanting to empower her clients to achieve their goals and live their best life personally, professionally, and in relationships, she has since obtained accreditation as a Certified EFT Practitioner, EFT Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Board-Designated Hypnotherapist and Trainer, Master NLP Results Coach, and Timeline Therapy.

Dawn’s passion for healthy touch and relationships led her to write two powerful books blending the science and soul of relationships.

With a focus on pure love, playfulness, compassion, empathy, and dedication,

Dawn offers complimentary introductory sessions to those seeking greater wellness and fulfillment. If you resonate with Dawn’s values and approach, book your free 20-minute consult on her website today.

Why Work
Unified Mind

Why Work With Unified Mind

Far too many people:

Feel frustrated


Stuck in their relationships
Are wondering what needs to change.

Are you one of those? Someone who has struggled with a personal relationship, marriage, friendship, or family dynamic?

I’m sure you are aware improving one area of your life will create positive shifts in all of areas.

Imagine now as we work together, you see the root cause of your relationship struggles. Together, we will use a series of simple techniques to shift the patterns and habits created by those roots and easily make positive shifts in your well-being and life.

You can actually change your life overnight and that’s exciting, isn’t it?”

How To Manifest Your Unified Mind

Power Program

If you are ready to make a guaranteed change in any area of your life, this program is for you. We get to refine and clarify your main goal, shift your brain’s “old programs” to help you achieve it as you clear negative emotions and limiting decisions. As you master your new skills, you will have the life you know you deserve.

Synergy Program

Focus on one small area of your life that will make the biggest impact on your well-being, productivity, and connection with others. We release emotions and decisions deep in your mind to boost your productivity, shift your relationships, and increase your overall well-being.

Clarity Program

Ready to learn and apply tools to have emotional freedom from the past and release stress and overwhelm about the future? This program helps you free your energy and stop you from procrastinating so you can continue moving forward in a positive and powerful way.

Special Offer

Enjoy Your Complimentary Copy Of

What Happened To My Friendships;
5-Steps To Navigate The Social Distancing Crisis

This book was written for those:
Who feel lonely
Who feel separate
Who strive to connect

Who want to feel the love again

There’s hope. There is a solution. You aren’t alone.

What Our Raving Fans Are Saying

Let it be known that the higher self, or subconscious, works in mysterious ways and all you need to know is how to tap into it. Thank you to my new BFF, Dawn Bennett, for teaching me how to do just that through your Self Hypnosis class. I am eternally grateful and spiritually enlightened.
Jody Jensen
The Self Hypnosis class by Dawn Bennett is a learning experience I will forever be grateful for! I chose to learn about Self Hypnosis because of the benefits I have gained from previous meditation trainings. I was excited to learn about how hypnosis could further assist me in creating healthy habits in my life and I was not disappointed….I would encourage anybody to learn about the benefits of changing the mind through Hypnosis.
Mikaela Krikava, MN

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