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Introduction to EFT Tapping: Empower Yourself & Find Calm!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT or EFT Tapping) is an effective self-help tool to release emotions in the moment or around past/future situations. We manifest what we focus on!

You Get to Focus On Your Joy And Positive Future!

How Can EFT Help My Relationship?

EFT Tapping is great for helping your relationship. It can help you release anger, frustration, and disappointment around your partner’s actions or inactions. Around what the other person said or didn’t say. It can help you overcome body image challenges or increase your levels of intimacy. You deserve a relationship in which you feel seen, heard, and loved. That’s why I have the Introduction to EFT Class as a free special offer for you and your family.

What If I’m Unsure About My Relationship?

Using EFT Tapping purposefully can help you decide whether to end a relationship or stay in it. You see, when you listen to your deeper wisdom rather than reacting out of emotional states, such as fear, choices become clear. Guilt, fear, and sadness can be lifted to embrace calm, clarity, and confidence instead. If you are considering breaking up or divorcing, I encourage you to pause for a moment and really do the healing work with yourself. Then the best choice becomes easy AND you get to let go of the emotions that you could carry to the next relationship.

Isn’t it time to get clarity and make the right decision about your relationship? You can stop wasting time, energy, and mental bandwidth when you use techniques to shift your emotional state and gain confidence in your choice.

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What If I’m Single?

I used EFT Tapping all the time when I was single! I took a lovely and powerful course (which I’m now able to teach) that helped me have a better dating life, more confidence on my own, and the ability to discern exactly how to describe and identify my perfect life partner! Learn this simple tool to release negative emotions to restore your happiness, motivation, and joy.

EFT is fast, creates permanent change, and is clinically validated through research and MRI studies. 

What About The Science Of Tapping?

There are a lot of research articles about the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques for anxiety, depression, stress, cravings, and more.

You see, clinical studies are happening all the time in the complementary and alternative medicine field, especially in areas like tapping because it’s used in clinical situations by counselors, therapists, and social workers.

You can watch a video on the Science of Tapping HERE. It’s a special offer that I pay for to support and help educate you!

EFT Tapping for Family Kids, mom and son tapping

Many feel confused with all the EFT Tapping videos out there.  Perhaps you’ve heard there’s a right or wrong way to do things.  You see, as long as you avoid tapping on trauma or being really general, EFT Tapping will work brilliantly for you!

Watch The Science of EFT Tapping Trailer

Trailer for the Science of EFT