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When the pandemic swept the globe, Americans appeared to drop the polarizing divisions that had driven us apart and rally together to face a challenge our generation had never seen.

We could feel, more than ever, just how precious life is and how much we need each other.

But then something happened…

The polarization that characterized our culture returned, as we witnessed racial violence and questionable leadership, while navigating conversations and mandates around masks and vaccinations. Yet this time around, we were facing off with friends and loved ones, not having yet recovered from the collective trauma we had all experienced.

In What Happened to My Friendships? Dawn shares her personal pandemic struggles, research that explores the impact of this traumatic collective experience, and the tools she has collected to give readers a map for personal and collective healing in their families, workplaces, and communities.

By the end of this book, you will have the opportunity to:

  • uncover the roots of relationship challenges
  • explore conversations around safety
  • develop boundaries to honor your wants and needs
  • practice healthy communication with loved ones
  • increase compassion and trust in your relationships

If you are feeling the awkwardness or pain of polarization in yourself, your relationships, or your community, this book will answer questions you don’t know you have and empower you to catalyze deeper connections with those around you.

We can repair this culture, one relationship at a time.

What Happened to My Friendships By Dawn Bennett Book Cover

What Happened to my Friendships?
Five Steps To Navigate the Social Distancing Crisis